Зверніть увагу! Замовлення приймаються виключно через Кошик!
мінімальна сума замовлення: роздріб - 200.00грн., опт - 1000.00грн.
У месенджерах та за номером телефона +380 (67) 405-81-15 - ви можете отримати консультацію.
Графік роботи: Пн-Пт - 10.00-14.00; Сб- Нд - вихідні!!!



"MAGIYA RUKODILLYA " - an unlimited space for your creativity!

We do not promise to teach you to create, but to get interested and provide everything you need to implement your ideas - we can certainly be the best.

Our shop works since 2010 in the city of Bila Tserkva. Over the years, we have significantly increased and expanded the range of goods for needlework, received a lot of grateful customers, sold n-number of beads, threads, circuits and many other things.

Everything is progressing, new kinds and directions are constantly emerging in the work, more and more people want to try themselves in the handwriting. And, in turn, we want to provide all necessary for creative work as the most interested, so we decided to create an online store.

"MAGIYA RUKODILLYA " offers a huge selection of necessary materials for creativity, and understands how easy it will be for you to get lost among such diversity.

 In order for you not to waste your time in vain, you could quickly and conveniently pick up and buy the right one for you, we have developed a convenient, laconic design of the site. Also, in each section, you can read the descriptions and characteristics of the goods that are written from our own experience.

We are always glad to talk with you, consult and help with your choice !!!

 Create, fantasize, invent something new and interesting together with "MAGIYA RUKODILLYA "!